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If you are searching for a local Custom Furniture Maker in Cleveland, Ohio that maintains a high standard of quality and craftmanship, then you have come to the right place.  

Lane 17 Design Co. specializes in handcrafting commercial and residential furniture, countertops and various home goods using locally sourced material from Northeast Ohio.  Our design and styles are largely influenced by our beautiful city and culture.  Some may consider it rustic, modern, or industrial but we believe it is a healthy balance of each.  We target clean lines and aesthetic, which make a great addition to any space.  To accomplish this we combine the use of a variety of materials, textures and colors with locally sourced hardwoods to produce a usable and unique heirloom quality work of art.

Our designers and fabricators have passion for what they do and provide customers with a unique product that reflects pride, craftmanship, and makes a statement in any home or business.  Examples of our work can be seen on our Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook Social Media pages.  We invite you to follow us and interact with current projects, new product introductions, and deal promotions!


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We have been Custom Furniture Makers in Cleveland since 2016 utilizing locally sourced hardwoods, materials, and supplies from Northeast Ohio.  Our specialties include, but are not limited to, commercial and residential Handmade Furniture, Wood Countertops, various home goods/decor, finishing services, CNC machining, laser engraving, and corporate gifts.  We are an active member of “Keep It Local Cleveland”, whose mission is to connect local businesses to local people here in the city.  

With the goal of delivering uniqueness and quality, while controlling cost and turnaround times we employ the latest design practices and fabrication technology.  This enables our team to maximize productivity while maintaining customer intimacy.  Through the design and fabrication journey, customers get to experience the different phases of their end-product.  As the concept is bound by the needs and wants of the customer, a conceptual design is furnished and explained prior to starting the project.  After the concept is understood and agreed upon, we order materials and set-up tooling required to begin the fabrication process.  As the project is executed the customer will receive routine reports on progress or suggested changes that could be made to further enhance the end-product.  Lane 17 Design Co. has an open-door policy, so customers can swing by the shop during regular business hours and/or contact our team at any time should they have questions or concerns about their order.


Leveraging over 10 years of combined experience building Personalized Hard Wood Furniture in Cleveland, Ohio has enabled our team to fully understand our customer’s needs, wants, and expectations to build Handmade Furniture that brings their vision to life.  We design and manufacture Rustic, Industrial and Contemporary Wood Furniture largely influenced by our people, history, and surroundings.  Our vision is to produce a work of art that will inspire emotions and conversations within your home or place of business, while providing customers with an heirloom quality piece of furniture that will last from generation to generation.

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